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Advanced Microsoft® Access 2003 Business Integration, Automation and Security

2 days

Experienced and Intermediate-Level Database and Microsoft Excel and Access Users, General Managers, Database Managers, Database Developers and Programmers.


In previous training, you were introduced to various features of Microsoft Office Access 2003 focusing on local database management. However, effective database management calls for mastering the advanced administrative and collaborative features of Access. In this course, you will exchange data with other applications, automate business processes by using macros and VBA code, and secure databases.

You will also receive real-world examples and strategies on how to use XML effectively for your business processes, along with numerous practical examples of Macro and VBA code examples for your Microsoft Access forms and reports.


Day 1: Integrating & Automating Access 2003
PART 1: Integrating Access into Your Business

  • Importing XML Data into an Access Database
  • Exporting Access Data to XML Format
  • Exporting Data to the Outlook Address Book
  • Collecting Data through E-Mail Messages

PART 2: Simplifying Tasks with Macros

  • Creating Macros
  • Attaching Macros
  • Restricting Records Using a Condition
  • Validating Data Using Macros
  • Automating Data Entry Using Macros

PART 3: Automating Business Processes Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • Creating Standard Modules
  • Developing VBA Code Bases
  • Calling Procedures from Forms
  • Running VBA Procedures

Day 2: Managing & Securing Access 2003
PART 4: Extending Business Processes Using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • Creating Real-World VBA Applications
  • Creating Reusable Functions
  • Testing & Error Trapping Code
  • Additional Hints and Tips

PART 5: Managing Switchboards

  • Creating Database Switchboards
  • Modifying Database Switchboards
  • Setting Database Startup Options

PART 6: Distributing & Securing Databases

  • Splitting Databases
  • Implementing Database Security
  • Setting Passwords
  • Converting Access Databases to ACCDE Files
  • Packaging Databases with a Digital Signature
Skills Taught: 
  • Integrate Access into your business using XML, and by sharing Access data with other applications.
  • Create and revise Microsoft Office Access 2003 macros.
  • Use Macros and VBA to automate business processes.
  • Create and modify database switchboards, and set database startup options.
  • Protect and Secure Access databases.