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Roshdy H. M. Hafez, PhD, P.Eng.

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Dr. Hafez is a professor with the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Dr. Hafez has many years experience in the areas of Wireless communications, RF and spectrum engineering. He has lectured extensively in wireless and related areas. His current research focuses on broadband wireless networking, 3G/4G, wireless over fiber and sensor networks.

He acts as a consultant to Nortel, Industry Canada, CRC, Ericsson, RIM and other telecommunications companies. Between 1994 and 2000 Dr. Hafez was actively involved and lead projects in federal and provincial centers of excellence: TRIO, CITR and CITO. Dr. Hafez gave several tutorials in international conferences and taught many short courses to the industry.

Academic Activities

  1. Taught many graduate and undergraduate courses

    Undergraduate Courses:

    • Microprocessors
    • Computer organization and assembly language - Network and Computer Security
    • Computer Structure and Assembly Language
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Computer Ethics
    • Communication Theory II
    • Systems and Simulation
    • Communication Theory
    • Signals and Systems
    • Systems and Simulation
    • Professional practices
    • Numerical Methods
    • Electrical energy conversion

    Graduate Courses:

    • Introduction to Mobile Communications - Access Network Techniques
    • Wireless Communication Systems
    • Network Access Techniques
    • Principles of Digital Communications - Advanced Digital Communications
    • Neural Signal Processing
    • Stochastic processes
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Queuing Theory
    • Source Coding, Data Compression - Estimation and Detection
  2. Supervised 46 research theses at the Master and PhD levels
  3. Published more than 100 technical papers in journals and international conferences
  4. Served on examinations boards of more than 100 Master and PhD theses exams
  5. Developed and evaluated many graduate and undergraduate academic programs

Government and Industrial Training

Short Courses taught to Industry:

  • UMTS Network Techniques (2 days)
  • HSDPA- UMTS R5(2 days)
  • Fundamentals of 3G Wireless(2 days)
  • Wireless LAN's (2 days)
  • OFDM/CDMA 3G/4G Access
  • 3G wireless (2 days)
  • TCP/IP and Mobile IP (2 days)
  • Broadband CDMA Systems (3 days)
  • CDMA2000 Detailed Physical Layer
  • Broadband CDMA (4 days)
  • DSP Applications in Wireless (5 days)
  • Wireless Communications (5 days)
  • High Speed Modems for Fixed Wireless (1 day)

Tutorials in International Conferences:

  • T14 WSWIM, 2006, Malaga, Spain, "WiFi and WiMax: Theory and Practice"
  • T13 ICC2006 Istanbul, Turkey "WiFi and WiMax: Theory and Practice"
  • T12 WIC2004 Ottawa "WLAN Techniques"
  • T11 NOMS 2004 Seoul, S. Korea: "Broadband Wireless Access"
  • T10 ICC 2002 New York City "Broadband Wireless Access"
  • T9 NOMS 2002 Florence Italy "Wireless Networking"
  • T8 NOM'2000 Tutorial on "3G Wireless Access". Hawaii April 2000.
  • T7 DIMACS Wireless Summer School. Rutgers University. "Broadband CDMA Systems", July 2000
  • T6 NOM'2000 in Hawaii, April 2000
  • T5 International Communication Conference (ICC)' 99 Vancouver; Full day tutorial on "Broadband CDMA"
  • T4 Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC)'98. Ottawa. "CDMA and IS-95"
  • T3 ICC'98 Atlanta Georgia Half day tutorial on "CDMA and IS-95"
  • T2 NOMS'98 New Orleans 1⁄2 day "Overview of Wireless Technologies"
  • T1 ICC'96 Dallas Full day tutorial on "Commercial DS-CDMA"

Training to Government

Dr. Hafez offer training courses to Industry Canada for more than 20 years. The topics covered in these programs include:

  • Propagation characteristics of different environments - RF engineering
  • Digital communications
  • Access standards
  • Communication networks
  • ITU standards and regulations

Industrial Research Activities

Major Research Projects:

2008-2010: Industry Canada (Communication Research Centre, CRC) Experimental studies of "Radio Spectrum Occupancy in Urban Area"- The work aims at developing guidelines for cognitive radio and opportunistic wireless applications.
2009: RIM/CRC Evaluation of antenna designs for hand-held broadband wireless devices
2009: Cisco/Carleton Wireless Sensor Network test bed using Cisco's mesh networking technology
2005-2008: Industry Canada (Spectrum Engineering). Modelling and simulation studies of Inter- System-Interference and Spectrum sharing"
2001-2006: Ericsson, Montreal several specialized studies on CDMA/3G/UMTS/LTE.
2001-2006: Senstar Ottawa Collaborative work on security technologies involving leaky cables and wireless sensor networks.
2005: Novatel, Calgary in-depth analysis of 3G wireless systems and HSDPA.
2000-2005: Industry Canada, Ottawa Evaluating the spectrum utilization efficiency for packet modes in the context of digital cellular technologies systems.
2001: Nortel, Ottawa wireless 3G/4G design principles.
1999: Nortel, Ottawa Wireless Internet Browsing through Proxy Servers. Information transcoding and bandwidth adaptation.

Collaborative Research:

2007: "Sensor Systems for Canadian Oil/Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Protection" A feasibility study conducted for NRCan. August- October 2007.
2006: "Channel Modelling for MIMO and 4G Systems" This is a co-operative work with Dr. R. Bultitude at CRC. It is a part of the WINNER project to define technical specifications for 4G and future wireless systems.
2005: "Double-Directional Channel Sounding with Multiple Antennas" This is a co-operative work with Dr. R. Bultitude at CRC. The work involves building a broadband DD-MIMO channel sounding set-up and conducting measurements in typical urban areas at typical vehicular speed. The experimental set-up will be followed by signal processing analysis to determine the channel characteristics including AoA and DoD.
2005: "Implications of extending IMT2000 Access Techniques to other Frequency Bands and Higher Data Rates" This is a co-operative work with Dr. R. Bultitude at CRC. The objectives of the work are to study the impact of changing the frequency band on key system parameters in high speed wireless access. This work builds on previous research conducted by Drs. Bultitude, Adnani (CRC) and Dr. Hafez (Carleton).
2004: "Effect of Erroneous Channel Estimation on the Performance of RAKE Receiver": Currently co-supervising a Ph.D. thesis on this subject. The thesis work is almost done. Some results were published in two conference papers. This work has practical value because it provides a foundation for selecting the number of correlators in rake receivers.
2003: Research on Wireless Over Fibre: This work was done in conjunction with CRC in Ottawa. It is an experimental work that illustrates the feasibility of transmitting broadband wireless signal (video clips transmitted at 11 Mbps) of a combination or wireless and analog fiber over a large distance with very little degradation of the video quality. The work is a foundation for developing very small and low cost base station extensions with analog fibre connectivity.
2001 - 2003: "Always ON Mode for Large Number of CDMA Interactive Terminals": This work was done during a sabbatical research with Nortel Networks. A US patent was filed in October 2001 and it was issued in 2003. The invention provides a method for keeping very low power link between intermittent CDMA terminals and the base station.
2001 - 2003: Research on MAC layer in high speed CDMA Wireless Access: Dr. Hafez supervised three M.Sc. theses on the area of Efficient Media Access Control (MAC) for high speed multimedia CDMA. Two journal papers are now being written to present the results of this work. Prior to that, Dr. Hafez supervised a Ph.D. thesis on the same subject, and some results were published.
2002: Consulting appointment with Industry Canada to establish "Rules for EM Intensity of New Wireless Installations in accordance with Canada's Health Act and Radiation Level Guidelines".
2002: A study to evaluate the capacity of WLAN 802.11a with power control and frequency re- use. The Spectrum Management Group with Industry Canada sponsors the study.
2002: Worked with Research In Motion (RIM) to develop training programs for technicians and engineers in the area of RF testing of personal wireless terminals operating on the GSM/ GPRS.
2001: Retained by the Communication Research Center (CRC) in Ottawa for broadband wireless over fiber feasibility study.
2001: Retained by Sigprowireless for consulting on issues related to 3G standards (IS-2000 and WCDMA). Interpretations of recent standards on the structures and implementation of 3G.
2000 - 2001: Retained by Nortel Networks for consulting and technical contribution in the area of 3G and 4G physical layer and radio coverage strategy.