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Training Approach

Building Blocks Quality in Training

We have a unique approach to providing training to you. As opposed to other firms and agencies that develop their workshops separate from their trainers, freeze them in time, and then hire whatever trainer is available, we provide an integrated approach, recognizing that the role of the trainer, the workshop facilitator, is a key ingredient to your complete satisfaction as a customer.

The "Secret Sauce"

Workshops are developed by Building Blocks in concert with our stable of experienced workshop facilitators. There is an on-going and never-ending dialogue between course development and course delivery.

We only have an A-team of trainers. Each of our trainers has over ten years of training experience and they have been selected carefully by us because their evaluations indicate that they are the best in their field.

Our workshops are constantly being updated, based on emerging practices and from what our facilitators learn in their classrooms. Yes: Our trainers are always learning from the training sessions they provide.

From the moment you enter one of our training rooms, you will be treated like a somebody. We don’t pack people into overly large classrooms, where your individual needs cannot be recognized.